Halloween countdown: Edward Scissorhands costumes

For years I lobbied my husband to go as Edward Scissorhands and Kim, but he was never terribly keen. And I get it. It’s a pretty big commitment…on his part. The hair. The makeup. The scissorhands. Though I ask you, can you think of a more fun and interesting couples costume?!

I mean, just look at these two!

Image source: Deviant Art

Heck, maybe I should just follow this awesome gal’s lead and go as Edward myself.

Image source: Deviant Art

Though if I could get a group together, the character I’d really love to go as is Diane Wiest’s character, Peg. I mean, that pillbox hat!

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 11.39.02 PM.png
Image source: Flickr

By the way, this is a particularly awesome kids costume (assuming they actually asked to go as Edward, which hey, if either of my kids ever ask I’ll be thrilled).

Image source: Holy Taco
Top image courtesy of Variety

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