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Book lover’s gift guide

The holidays are upon us, and if you haven’t completed your gift buying its not too late! Honestly, I still think the best gift is a good book. Or, better yet, a stack of good books. OR, if you can’t decide on which stack of good books, a gift certificate to purchase said stack of good books.

BUT. If you’re feeling like you want to branch out and get something more unusual for the book lover in your life (or, let’s be real, YOURSELF) here are some pretty fun items to choose from.

A Harry Potter themed ring (fancy!)

image source: Etsy

The most clever bookmark ever.

image source: Etsy

A literary scarf (Pride and Prejudice would be my pick).

image source: Etsy

A cute bookshelf.

image source: Crate Kids

A lovely book-themed print.

image source: Etsy

The scent of old books.

image source: Etsy

A personal library kit (be still my book nerd heart!).

image source: Knock Knock

And a Where the Wild Things Are themed baby outfit (for your future book lover!).


image source: Etsy

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