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The Grolier Club

Don’t you just love knowing about secret societies and clubs? It brings back some of the magic of childhood when anything was possible. When Santa was real and there was buried treasure in your backyard and fairies surely existed and maybe if you tried hard enough you could find your way into Oz.

And then adulthood strikes and all that magic seems to, poof, disappear.

That’s why it thrilled me to no end when I learned about the existence of The Grolier Club, an exclusive NYC club for bibliophiles. Bibliophiles. What cooler secret club could there be I ask you? None. None! I can only imagine the secret handshakes these cool people have. I bet they all wear skeleton keys around their necks which unlock a secret bookshelf that leads into their secret bibliophile lair, which is surely full of lit fireplaces, and cozy couches, and English tea, and buttery scones, and cats that curl up on your lap and purr, and bits of toffee wrapped up in shiny gold. And books. Lots and lots of books.

Just look how very cool it is inside:


The Grolier Club, NYC

image source: Curious Expeditions


And while they look nothing alike, The Grolier Club reminds me quite a bit of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books in “The Shadow of the Wind” – which, if you haven’t read, is quite a good book and is incredibly magical in and of itself.

I’m telling you, even if I can’t be a member of The Grolier Club (you have to be nominated to join – doubly cool!)  my life feels a little more complete knowing that it exists.

Top image source: Afar

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