I Heart the 80s

Billy Ocean’s “Caribbean Queen”

You know how some songs just sort of sum up an entire era? Well, Billy Ocean’s “Caribbean Queen” is totally one of those songs for me.

Back in the day, back before iTunes and MP3s, CD’s and CD players even, back when I had a boom box with a cassette player and very limited access to actual cassettes, I had extremely questionable taste in music. Basically, whatever my parents owned and listened to. Until I started babysitting, which supplemented my very meager allowance, their stash of tapes was my own personal Sam Goody (children, you will not understand this reference, but once upon a time there were these magical places called music stores. Sam Goody was one of them. Ask your parents about it.). So the fact that I listened to Billy Ocean at all says more about them than it does about me.

But I am definitely positive that I listened to him, and probably often. I was desperate people! It was that or Kenny G. And I will not lie, I listened to Kenny G, too. And I probably even liked it. Okay, I know I liked it. I used to listen to him on breezy spring days after elementary school. And I felt so mature because of it. Anyway, it was slim pickins and I was doing the best I could. Jeez.

These days, however? I am sort of in love with Billy Ocean’s awesomeness. Maybe it’s 80’s nostalgia. Or maybe it’s that this video of “Caribbean Queen” is spectacular. One look and you will understand why. The song, yes. But the dance moves. And the back up dancers. And the back up dancers’ outfits. And the semi-bored, slow-clapping, mid-western white people. And Billy’s relentless cheer despite those slow-clapping, mid-western white fools. What is not to LOVE???

Top image courtesy of IMDB

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