For Girls Who Walk Through Fire – Out September 26, 2023

Those who would suppress and destroy you stand not a chance when confronted with the power that lays within these pages…

Elliott D’Angelo-Brandt is sick and tired of putting up with it all. Each week, she attends a support group for teen victims of sexual abuse and assault, but all they do is talk. Elliott’s done with talking. What she wants is justice.

And she has a plan for getting it: a spell book that she found in her late mom’s belongings that actually works. Elliott recruits a coven of fellow survivors from the group. She, Madeline, Chloe, and Bea don’t have much in common, but they are united in their rage at a system that heaps judgments on victims and never seems to punish those who deserve it.

As they each take a turn casting a hex against their unrepentant assailants, the girls find themselves leaning on each other in ways they never expected—and realizing that revenge has heavy implications.

Each member of the coven will have to make a choice: continue down the path of magical vigilantism or discover what it truly means to claim their power.

For Girls Who Walk Through Fire is a fierce, deeply moving novel about perseverance in the face of injustice and the transformational power of friendship.

Kim DeRose writes dark, magical stories about strong, magical girls.

Kim grew up in Santa Barbara, California, where she spent childhood summers reading books and writing stories (which she was convinced her local bookstore would publish). She now lives in New York City, where she spends all seasons reading books and writing stories.

She earned her MFA in film directing from UCLA, and currently works in digital media. When she’s not reading or writing she can be found listening to podcasts on long walks, drinking endless cups of coffee, and spending time with her family.

She is represented by Kathryn Green of Kathryn Green Literary Agency. For Girls Who Walk Through Fire is her debut novel.

Photo by Sylvie Rosokoff

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